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Written and dedicated to

President Donald J. Trump

and all his unknown helpers.




Trump Supporter's Poem


Dear President Trump,


I have something to offer, can you hear me?


I created a project and believe it will help.


I am willing to talk, to educate, to the best of my knowledge.


I would love to sing a song, to share some glory.

Yes, I have a story, it may make you cry or make you cheer.

I have some advice, its goal to refine. I respect your authority. 


I have an encouragement, its goal to keep you going, maybe even start you running.

One of the best gifts I have to offer is a solution, is there anywhere I can send it?


And if you can't hear me right now, I will continue to press on.

Yes, this work can sometimes be lonely, but knowing our Father is watching makes all the difference.

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We are with you!

This Poem was created to freely share. It's goal is to inspire our unknown brothers and sisters to press on in their good work seen or unseen. 

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